A Letter from Our Principal:

When I first had the vision for Hughes Media Law Group, I had just finished nearly many years as Senior Counsel for the company that invented streaming media and the capabilities for consumers to experience audio and video content on the Internet.  During these exciting and pioneering times, I was fortunate to be one of the very first lawyers to help television networks, record labels, sports leagues, news organizations, movie studios, game companies and other content creators bring their “traditional” content into the new online world.  Together with extraordinarily talented business visionaries, we put together the first legal music services, video-on-demand and subscription models, content networks, casual gaming platforms, mobile content distribution networks, and many other first-to market products and technologies.

I also had the opportunity to hire and work with lawyers at different types of firms across the world, from big names to smaller boutique practices.  I learned that while there are certainly many smart, talented and even well-connected lawyers, it was difficult to find all of these qualities in a lawyer who also understood what it meant to actually run a business on a practical level.  Someone who had invested their own life savings into creating a new idea, or someone who truly understood the ramifications of product budgets and release deadlines or someone who realized that the legal work they were doing had wider implications on the business as a whole.

And so HMLG was born: a firm where companies of any size can work with world-class lawyers who have thousands of transactions under their belt, a firm where we truly get to know our clients and actively participate in their business, a firm where we have the types of connections that are not just forged at cocktail parties and industry receptions, a firm that really, deeply cares about the success of everyone we work with. 

In order to realize this dream, it was important for me to hand select a team of lawyers and support staff who not only had run their own businesses or had worked in-house like me, but brought a collaborative and integrated set of talents to give HMLG clients a true “in-house” experience.  I encourage you to look at everyone’s impressive biographies. 

I guess if there was one final component to my “master plan,” it was developing a non-traditional way to offer individuals and businesses who needed my team’s level of expertise in a way that was predictable and scalable.  We are not a “budget” law firm, but we eschew the traditional law firm business model where partners and associates are rewarded mainly upon the number of hours they bill a client.  Instead, we focus on quality and efficiency and scope our work to ensure all of our clients have access to expert legal strategy and advice.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and we hope to see you soon!

Joleen Hughes