HMLG - September, 2015

Sep 29

Annie Allison

With over 400 startups incorporating here last year alone, Seattle has incredible entrepreneurs with amazing ideas and tremendous potential for big returns. read more

Sep 25

Joleen Hughes

In-N-Out sticks true to its own tradition and business model. read more

Sep 24

Shirley Roberson

Unhappy Zulily shareholders are suing the company claiming they did not receive enough in the sale to QVC. read more

Sep 23

Hughes Media Law Group

I would venture to guess that most people did not know that Warner Music Group/Chappell claimed a copyright on the ubiquitous Happy Birthday song until a federal judge ruled Tuesday that the copyright claim was invalid and news spread like wildfire on the Internet. read more

Sep 21

Hughes Media Law Group

WTIA spearheads effort to improve diversity in tech. read more

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