Recent News - Parking in Seattle: Soon to be Simple?

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Sep 09

Hughes Media Law Group

Parking in Seattle: Soon to be Simple?

Posted by Hughes Media Law Group

We’ve all been there: circling the block once, twice, maybe even three times trying to find a parking spot. With private parking lot prices skyrocketing and frankly, just too many cars in the city, a Vancouver B.C. startup is attempting the seemingly impossible: more available parking with no additional construction. The app is called Garage and the concept is simple—owners of unused parking spaces can rent them out.

Garage has decided to launch in Seattle, which for all of us that constantly lament over the lack of available parking sounds great great idea, but the Garage website leaves a few questions unanswered.

Who verifies that the person renting the spot actually owns the spot? Could an employee capitalize on an unused spot at work on nights and weekends without the consent of the building owner? We doubt many employee contracts cover this type of company resources use.

What happens when a person overstays the rental period? The app purports to allow hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rentals and even allows owners to set constraints, such as no parking past 5 p.m., so that owners can maximize the use of their driveway while at work all day, but with no enforcement, who is to prevent someone from staying past their two-paid hours or staying until 6 p.m.?  Most people are honest and trustworthy, but it’s also the threat of a $50+ parking ticket (or worse, an impound fee) that currently gets people moving back to their cars.

We’re interested to see how Garage rolls out their app in the coming months and certainly think it’s a novel solution to the city’s parking problem. Tell us what you think on our Facebook page! Would you rent out your driveway to the community during the day or while you’re on vacation?