The Lawyer Who Rocks Podcast - July, 2019

Joleen Hughes, founder and owner of Hughes Media Law Group, is a business badass. From music, to technology, to law, Joleen’s done it all, and done it well.

Now she’s sharing what she’s learned and taking her friends along for the ride. On The Lawyer Who Rocks, Joleen chats up fellow entrepreneurs about what they do, how they do it, and what they’ve learned along the way. From founders of startups making waves in tech and media, to authors, musicians and VC’s – The Lawyer Who Rocks is amplifying their badassery with the world at large.



Joleen Hughes

After guiding ReachNow through its joint venture with Daimler, Steve Banfield handed over the reins and bought a one-way ticket to Europe for a pilgrimage on the historic trail through Spain called the Camino de Santiago. With a voice as smooth as the Kentucky Bourbon he brought with him, Steve sits down with Joleen to talk about his departure from ReachNow, share insights from his 850 Km journey across Spain, and why it was important to unplug.

Want to see/hear more from Steve? You can visit his blog

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Joleen Hughes

His love of food and his get up, show up, and get it done work ethic has carried Tom Douglas through more than 30 years in the restaurant business here in Seattle.  He was so very kind to sit down with Joleen at his cooking school, Hot Stove Society to share his insights on the restaurant business in Seattle and his circle of life business model.  
If you would like to hear more from Tom, you can find him weekly on his KIRO radio show, “Seattle Kitchen” with fellow chef Thierry Rautureau. Which of course, is also available as a podcast here.

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