The Lawyer Who Rocks Podcast - October, 2020

Joleen Hughes, founder and owner of Hughes Media Law Group, is a business badass. From music, to technology, to law, Joleen’s done it all, and done it well.

Now she’s sharing what she’s learned and taking her friends along for the ride. On The Lawyer Who Rocks, Joleen chats up fellow entrepreneurs about what they do, how they do it, and what they’ve learned along the way. From founders of startups making waves in tech and media, to authors, musicians and VC’s – The Lawyer Who Rocks is amplifying their badassery with the world at large.



Joleen Hughes

As a first-generation Nigerian American, Karen Okonkwo believed her path to success was through law, medicine, or engineering. In college, while studying to be a pediatrician, a quirky encounter with a homeless man at a festival completely changed her perspective. From that moment on, Karen wanted to be her own boss. Early in her career, out of necessity, she began shooting her own content to capture diverse imagery. As the idea grew, she went on to found TONL, a company that is transforming the world of stock photography. Today, Karen’s mission is to provide access to beautiful, real-world images of individuals of diverse ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, body types, sexual orientations, genders and ages.

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Joleen Hughes

For Kelly Bayett, music was always an escape. As a kid, she would put on headphones and pretend that nothing else existed. With her astounding taste, enthusiasm, and love for the music scene, Kelly devoted her life to music production. She has worked in voice acting, radio, and eventually went on to found her own production company, Barking Owl. As one of the only female founders in music production, she stands out with her booming confidence and pushes the boundaries of the music industry with each project she takes on!

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Joleen Hughes

In the second part of Aba Kwawu's interview, Joleen and Aba dive into the success of Aba's career in fashion and luxury branding. After studying fashion in London, Aba styled and media trained professional athletes and later founded her own agency, TAA Public Relations. What started as an at-home office turned into a PR Empire. Aba built up elite clients like Cirque Du Soleil and Laduree and created an astounding reputation for her and her brand. Today, TAA is one of the most reputable PR agencies in the world, and it all started with Aba Kwawu.

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