John Cook - Tenacious, Creative and Able to Adapt

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Joleen Hughes

John Cook - Tenacious, Creative and Able to Adapt

Posted by Joleen Hughes

John Cook, the founder of Seattle’s seminal tech startup/publication Geekwire knows that if you “just hang around long enough and you will be successful.” A former journalist from an entrepreneurial family, John and his co-founder, Todd Bishop started GeekWire to bring stories of the amazing start-ups in Seattle, Washington to the world. Committed to its mission of highlighting diversity and to tell stories that haven’t been yet told, GeekWire is the go-to place for information about the Seattle tech scene and beyond.

You can find new stories and reporting daily at and be sure the check out the Geekwire Summit October 7-9th to be held in downtown Seattle. More info and tickets can be found here.  The Lawyer Who Rocks listeners have been provided the promo code ROCKON20 for the summit for a 20% saving on registration.  Yay!  Thanks John!

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