Krisha Maslyk

Executive Assistant


The first thing Krisha is always asked is how to pronounce her name. It’s all in phonetics! Krisha is pronounced just like it looks – “Trisha with a K”.

Krisha is a fourth-generation Pacific Northwesterner. Her mom grew up on a sheep farm in Oregon that went back several generations so her roots and affinity for this region are entrenched! Her father on the other hand was born and raised in the South, first Shreveport and then Dallas, so she knows the importance of treating everyone with hospitality.

Beginning in high school, Krisha worked as a personal assistant to a Luxury Real Estate CEO. Her duties ran the gambit from administrative tasks to personal tasks that needed a great deal of trust and discretion. She quickly learned the importance of building rapport, and honoring confidentiality, ultimately igniting her passion for assisting.

After several pitstops honing skills in a variety of administrative roles, Krisha ran her own successful administrative consulting business, working alongside a diverse group of CEOs, Founders, Presidents, and Owners who are some of the bests in their fields.

In all, Krisha brings 15 years of administrative experience to Hughes Media Law Group and is thrilled to have a home to exercise her talents.

Krisha Maslyk

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Krisha and Suni


  • Favorite Quarantine Activity: Drawing comics!
  • Not-so-Secret Indulgence: Chocolate anything.
  • First Concert: *N’Sync (why, why, why!)
  • Fuzzy friends(s): Suni, the Galgo Español (Spanish Greyhound), from South Korea. No clue why she was there, but you can follow her on IG at @seoulsuni.
  • What I do when I’m not in the office: Pretend I’m Mariah Carey at karaoke.

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