Mary Johnson

Office Manager


Mary Johnson is the lead plate spinner and schedule juggler as the Office Manager; she runs the business operations and administration end of HMLG. Mary is a rooted Western Washington native growing up in a small town in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. Prior to joining HMLG, Mary worked in the local Aerospace industry, owning her own business in the commercial airliner replacement parts market.  She cut her teeth in the business world working for the likes of Bank of America and UPS.

Fun facts

  • First Concert: The Monkees
  • Last Concert: Metallica
  • Current Playlist: Adam Carolla Show Podcast
  • 80’s Movie Crush: Jake Ryan (well he still kind of is)
  • Something You’d Never Guess: She’s a “Danger Girl”. She has competed up and down the West Coast Off-Road racing ATV’s, and has some scars to prove it! 


Direct: (206)774-0879

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