Financing, Stock Plans and M&A

We work closely with your executive and finance team to structure and negotiate all types of financing, corporate investments, stock plans, M&A transactions, joint ventures, valuations and wind-downs.

We have extensive experience representing emerging and mature companies in a broad range of financing transactions.  We help structure a variety of equity and debt transactions, and advise shareholders in a broad range of equity transactions.  

We can help you with:

  • Joint ventures and complex strategic alliances
  • Developing complex and customized equity structures
  • Negotiating with capital investors
  • Counselling on equity and debt finance
  • Advising on SEC compliance and emerging securities laws, including those on crowdfunding

Mergers and acquisitions are important milestones in the lifecycle of a business.  We work with you to craft a thoughtful and sophisticated approach to help achieve your company’s goals. We also help you to identify key issues such as tax, securities, executive compensation, intellectual property, antitrust, benefits, labor, and any other factors that could meaningfully affect the terms of a deal. We oversee and execute your master M&A plan together with your management, accounting team and other outside professionals as may be needed for your specific situation.

We can help you with:

  • M&A transactions for both private and public companies
  • Cross border transactions
  • Preparing companies for sale or public offering
  • Poison pills and other defensive counseling
  • Private equity sponsored transactions
  • "Roll ups" and other consolidation programs
  • Corporate carve outs and divisional acquisitions
  • Liability assessment for parent and seller/diligence review