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We truly have been pioneers behind the legal strategy of casual gaming and mobile game apps, whether on mobile, console, social or cross-platform....  Detail Info

Mobile, E-Commerce, & Social Media Transactions

We leverage our extensive business and intellectual property expertise for new and innovative mobile, e-commerce and emerging media platform...  Detail Info


Many of us have worked on the business side of the music industry. We feel right at home representing labels, producers, publishers and musicians to...  Detail Info

Film, TV & Interactive Entertainment

We combine traditional industry experience with extensive work in new media distribution models to help clients in the film, TV and interactive...  Detail Info

Brand Licensing

We counsel, strategize, structure and negotiate complex and sophisticated deals around the globe between content creators and providers across all...  Detail Info

Virtual Reality

When you're breaking through the barriers of reality, you need to know your lawyers are with you. Our team is leading the VR revolution with IP...  Detail Info