Brand Licensing

We counsel, strategize, structure and negotiate complex and sophisticated deals around the globe between content creators and providers across all forms of media...

From product placement in film and television production, to consumer product licensing, sponsorships and retail partnerships to, well, the list is endless! With product placement becoming a global enterprise, the legal issues surrounding brand licensing including exclusive territorial relationships and strategic placement are at the forefront of our brand licensing practice. We can help you to identify and negotiate the best possible deals with top industry players to further your branded entertainment initiatives.  Our far-reaching involvement in this field means we can help connect you with resources that are critical to the success of your brand goals. 

We can help you with:

  • Negotiating brand placement in film, television and digital media
  • Developing consumer product licensing programs for domestic and worldwide distribution
  • Arranging agent and partner onboarding and distribution
  • Product compliance review
  • Counterfeit investigation
  • IP protection
  • Regulatory compliance