Film, TV & Interactive Entertainment

Kiss those rabbit ears goodbye.  Technology is changing the way we make and consume media. 

We combine traditional industry experience with extensive work in new media distribution models to help actors, writers, producers, game and content companies, studios and distributors navigate an industry constantly in search of new revenue streams. Today, film, television and interactive entertainment are platform agnostic.  We represent many creators, investors and individuals in live action, animation, and scripted & non-scripted motion picture properties.  We help with development, production, and licensing.  We work globally on both the creative and business side of the industry, including writers, directors, producers, talent cable and online networks, production companies, distributors, branded content, and sponsorships.

We offer services to a broad range of clients in the film, television, cable and interactive media sectors.  We are especially proud of our commitment to the representation of several independent filmmakers — assisting these companies and individuals as they transition from smaller entities to major players.

We provide a full range of legal services at each stage of the production process, including:

  • Reality, non-scripted and documentary properties
  • Scripted programming, motion pictures, and mini-series
  • Animated motion-pictures, television, and shorts
  • Negotiating and documenting debt and equity financing arrangements;
  • Talent, performers and key-creatives’ rights, agreements and releases;
  • Music clearances and composer agreements;
  • Script options and purchases;
  • Distribution, broadcast, syndication rights and deals;
  • Production and co-production;
  • Merchandising and sponsorship;
  • Rights acquisition and management;
  • Securing intellectual property rights, including copyright clearance and rights analysis, and trademark counseling and registration;
  • Production and pre-broadcast/publication review and counseling