We hate to be cliché, but we truly have been pioneers behind the legal strategy of casual gaming and mobile game apps, whether on mobile, console, social or cross-platform. 

We represent developers, distributors and licensees and have negotiated deals with most of the world’s leading publishers, platforms, advertisers and networks. The casual game and mobile app space is one of the world’s fastest growing and rapidly changing industries.  We share your passion for developing and playing games and we understand what it takes to make a game a success! We can help you spot opportunities, manage risk, and troubleshoot issues before they arise, while you focus on you love and do best – create great content!

Our clients include some of the industry’s top mobile game publishers and developers, as well as mobile and social gaming startups, app developers and emerging companies.  We can help you with a wide range of platforms, applications and technologies, offering practical, business-focused advice to help you develop relationships and secure agreements to maximize customer acquisition and revenue.

We can help you with:

  • Game and app development, publishing, and distribution contracts
  • Advertising policies, agreements and insertion orders for print, Internet, television, radio, and video games, as well as dynamic and static product placement agreements;
  • Pre-publication review or product and related websites and social media presence
  • Assessment of potential regulatory issues, and advice for privacy issues including COPPA compliance and safe-harbors
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Navigating complex relationships between content developers and distributors
  • Branding, merchandising and ancillary products and services