Many of us have worked on the business side of the music industry.  We feel right at home representing labels, producers, publishers and musicians to protect and monetize their creative works – some of which is likely rocking your playlist right now!

We advise Grammy award winning recording artists, producers, record and publishing companies and executives, managers, production companies, publishers and songwriters in the music sector. We draft and negotiate record, publishing, producer, management, distribution, touring, merchandising, corporate sponsorship, and master-use & sync licensing agreements. We also advise you on financing, entertainment and Internet strategies as well as how to protect your intellectual property rights.

Creating and using music in the digital world creates significant opportunities and risks as technology and media industries continue to evolve. We help you to navigate the technologies and platforms used to produce and distribute music and the complex copyright laws relating to music.

We can help you with:

  • License agreements for the use of music in a variety of contexts, including Internet, film, television, live performances and other productions including master use and sync-license agreements
  • Public performance issues and relationships with performing rights organizations
  • Advice on “fair use” and mechanical licensing matters
  • Large-scale music library license agreements
  • Agreements between artists and managers, agents and other representatives
  • Use of music in cloud-based storage and streaming music services, internet radio and other digital services