Virtual Reality

When you're breaking through the barriers of reality, you need to know your lawyers are with you. Our team is leading the VR revolution with IP protection strategies, licensing, and strategic partnerships tailored to the needs of Virtual Reality companies.

Virtual Reality offers an unmatched level of interactivity with complete user immersion. It provides a unique perspective, which also creates unique legal challenges. Our team’s pioneering history in media technology makes us distinctively positioned to help clients navigate the VR landscape.  From IP protection to corporate infrastructure and financing to strategic inbound and outbound licensing to complicated technology partnerships, we have your back so you can focus on creating remarkable virtual experiences.

We know the issues you’re likely to face before they happen and we can help you stay ahead of them. 

We can help with:

  • Virtual Reality IP protection and related IP offensive and defensive strategies;
  • Inbound and outbound licensing for VR content;
  • VR technology development, technology development kits, software licensing and product collaboration and distribution contracts;
  • VR content and technology integration, including strategic partnerships and licensing;
  • Best practices operations and implementation including trade secret protection, communications and PR, product liability;
  • Assessment of potential regulatory issues, implementation of corporate compliance processes;
  • Navigating complex relationships between VR developers and distributors;
  • Branding, productization, ancillary products and services.