Venture IP Strategy, Legal Opinions, Due Diligence & IP Valuations

We can analyze your entire portfolio to develop strategies for your IP-related goals.

Our team can provide legal opinions on complex IP-related issues, and has contributed to globally published white papers on a wide variety of IP-related topics. A clear understanding of a company’s IP is critical to an accurate assessment of the value of that company.


We can help you with:

  • Strategic advice on how to best evaluate and position you intellectual property portfolio
  • Advise or consolidation and streamlining of IP holdings both to protect IP assets and reduce the cost of portfolio maintenance
  • Assist with IP due diligence in anticipation of a variety of important transactions including mergers, acquisitions, public or private financing, licensing deals and other dealings
  • Vet the strengths and weaknesses of your IP portfolio, addressing issues from both offensive and defensive angles to identifying pathways to improve portfolio value and attractiveness