Your Lawyers Should Rock!®

Rock ([rok]; verb): 1. To be exceptional; 2. To go above and beyond what is expected; 3. To add remarkable value; 4. To provide service that leaves a positive lasting impression. Commonly used phrase: “You Rock!”

HMLG provides in-house counsel-level service to clients who demand a legal team that Rocks!

First Class Advice From a Team With First Hand Experience

Our lawyers have been in-house counsel at major corporations, patent prosecutors, policy advisors, and IP litigators. But we’re not just well trained and highly skilled, we are also experienced business professionals: every member of the HMLG team, including our administrative staff, has either owned or played a critical role in operating a business. We understand, first-hand, the difficult choices and challenges our clients face. It’s this real-world business perspective that sets us apart from other law firms. We view legal matters from a practical point of view, and then leverage our real-world backgrounds and experience.

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