When your brand is “Your Lawyers Should Rock®,” as you might expect we have a deep background on the legal and business side of the music industry.  Creating and using music in the digital world creates significant opportunities and risks as technology continues to evolve. We help you navigate the complex technologies, platforms and intellectual property rights pertaining to producing, distributing and using music.

HMLG primarily works with businesses seeking to implement music into their platforms and technology. That’s because our lawyers pioneered the business models for digital music. We were part of the legal team that created the very first legal digital music service. HMLG is the go-to firm for businesses – including multiple Fortune 500 companies – who need a legal and business strategic advisor to devise the best way to implement music into their platform.

Our clients also include Grammy award winning recording artists and songwriters, producers, record and publishing companies, managers and production companies.

HMLG Music Services:

  • Strategic Music Industry Guidance
  • Sound Recordings and Record Labels
  • Compositions and Music Publishing
  • Digital Distribution of Music
  • Producer, Artist, Management, Merchandising, Distribution Agreements
  • Master Use Licenses
  • Sync Licenses
  • Public Performance and PRO Compliance
  • Mechanical Licensing
  • Music Licensing for Film, Television, Gaming and Business
  • Venue and Live Performance
  • Large-Scale Music Libraries
  • Streaming and Cloud-Based Music Services
  • Radio and Internet Radio
  • Infringement and Anti-Piracy

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