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Rock ([rok]; verb):  1. To be exceptional; 2. To go above and beyond what is expected; 3. To add remarkable value; 4. To provide service that leaves a positive lasting impression.  Commonly used phrase:  “You Rock!”

​HMLG provides in-house counsel-level service to clients who demand a legal team that Rocks! 

How HMLG Rocks

First Class Advice From a Team With First Hand Experience

Our lawyers have been in-house counsel at major corporations, patent prosecutors, policy advisors, and IP litigators.  But we’re not just well trained and highly skilled, we are also experienced business professionals: every member of the HMLG team, including our administrative staff, has either owned or played a critical role in operating a business.  We understand, first-hand, the difficult choices and challenges our clients face.  It’s this real-world business perspective that sets us apart from other law firms.  We view legal matters from a practical point of view, and then leverage our real-world backgrounds and experience. 

Forget Big Law Bureaucracy!

The traditional law firm business model rewards overbilling, which misaligns the interests of attorneys and their clients.  Lawyers should be rewarded for helping clients effectively solve problems without spending more time than necessary to achieve the same results.  Ultimately, the quality of the hours spent serving our clients is more important to us than the total hours spent. 

HMLG is not a “budget” law firm, but, because we believe that having legal guidance is possibly the best investment a company can make, we proudly offer non-traditional billing structures to meet the varying needs of our clients.  If you have been frustrated by the bureaucracy  of traditional law firms, then you will find HMLG’s flexibility to focus on our clients and deliver customized counsel to be a revelation! 

Why Hire a “Media” Law Firm?

Are you a mortgage company?  Do you sell cupcakes?  Do you have an organic skin-care line?  Some of our clients do, and they’ve chosen HMLG because they recognize the important role media plays in their business.  Of course we boast clients who have created award winning mobile games and apps, internet radio services, television networks, e-commerce platforms, technology providers, artists and musicians and other companies you typically think of when you hear the term “media.”  But we believe every business today needs a media presence and a legal team who can help guide them through the constantly evolving tech terrain from websites, to social media to e-commerce.  Our unrivaled experience in this area is why we rock and it’s why our clients think we do too!

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