Customer Testimonials

“I’ve had a long relationship with Hughes Media Law from working with them from both a label perspective, as well as an artist perspective.  They are incredibly welcoming, professional, knowledgeable, and meticulous about their work, and their relationship with their clients.  I always feel secure in knowing that I have one of the best legal teams in the Pacific Northwest backing my art.”

Andrew Joslyn


“When was the last time you heard someone rave about their attorneys?  If your answer is ‘never’ then that’s about to change.  I cannot even begin to express how fortunate we are to have found HMLG.  Right from the beginning, I knew that they were different.  Unlike previous attorneys that we’d worked with, HMLG made it really clear to us that they cared about our business and have always gone well above and beyond to help and support us in ways that I never would have expected.  I promise you, whatever preconceptions you have about attorneys will be shattered when you work with HMLG.  They are everything you could hope for in legal representation and in the time we’ve worked with them, they have become both our trusted advisors and dear friends.  I cannot recommend them more highly.”

Amy Dallas

ClutchPlay Games LLC

“One of the challenges with corporate legal expenses is you always have to think about the cost when you pick up the phone.  HMLG provides service like the beat of a world class drummer, the beat and the fees are always the same.  As a speaker manufacturer, we appreciate that HMLG helps us keep the beat.”

Todd Ostrander

Tectonic Audio Labs

“I have known Joleen for close to 30 years, and in every facet of her life and work, Joleen and the HMLG team delivers the best accurate advice and counsel, giving us confidence and security to succeed.  Thank you from our team at Flaregun, the GPS of Social Media.”

Ken Deans


“For the last 7+ years HMLG has handled everything we’ve thrown at them beautifully, from international trademarks and copyright protection to contract negotiations across multiple media verticals.  I’m always confident referring execs in my network to the HMLG team.”

Clark Stacey


“HMLG rocks for Canvas with prompt, laser-focused legal strategy.”

David Tochterman


“In the fast pace and ever changing world of music and digital entertainment, HMLG combine extensive knowledge with intuitive execution and attentive care. They provide exceptional legal services with a personal touch. They are way more than just our law firm, they are an extension of our vision. We are a very fortunate to be working with a passionate and relentless group that put our needs first. I highly recommend HMLG!”

Matthew Carona


“I have known and worked with Joleen and the HMLG team for several years now.  Not only are they great attorneys, but they are also great strategists, collaborators and, most of all, friends.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a law firm that genuinely kicks ass.”

Brent Stiefel

Founder / CEO - Votiv, Inc

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