After having a preventative mastectomy, Kristen Carbone felt cold ALL the time. Out of curiosity, she started talking to other women and found out that she wasn’t the only one: warmth was a serious issue for post-reconstruction women. The idea of Brilliantly Warm came from a self-serving solution using a thermal fabric design. Then the product became an entire movement; Kristen developed a striking desire to change the dialogue about breast cancer and focus on women who have first-hand experience that live with its impact. Every day, society shapes women to live in a silent culture not only when it comes to beauty trends, but also quality of life. Brilliantly offers a variety of classes, products and events so women can break the societal norms that tell them to deal with discomfort in silence, thus improving the quality of their lives post-treatment. Kristen is changing the way women talk about comfort, strength and resilience.